Sticky Mobile


Push, Over, Under Parallax

What are Sidebars?

Sticky uses the most advanced and yet simple to use Sidebar/Panel system on the Envato Marketplaces. Supporting a tone of effects, and the ability to set the size with great ease.

Left & Right Available

In our example we only show Left Sidebars, but right sidebars can be activated with just one class. use menu-left or menu-right to choose your direction.

Multiple Effects

Sidebars are awesome when they can push, pull or parallax over the menu. All effects are available.

Trigger by Tap or Programatically

You've asked us to add the feature to simply call a function and trigger a sidebar. We've added this feature to all menus in our product. Action Sheets, Modals, Sidebars can all be triggered and dismissed programatically.

menu('menu-settings', 'show', 250)
menu('menu-settings', 'hide', 250)