Sticky Mobile

Auto Dark Mode

Detect Based on your Device.

What is Auto Dark Mode?

Just by adding the class detect-theme to your body class, the page will detect if your device is in dark mode and switch theme automatically.

What about older devices?

Older devices will show the default page theme you select. In our case, it is light mode, but you can set dark mode by default.

Auto Dark Prompt

You can enable this menu to automatically notify users that automatic dark mode has been detected and to suggest switching to dark mode

Detect And Apply Theme

Auto Light & Dark Modes Unsupported

Your device doesn't support auto dark and light modes, but you can still toggle them using a button or the icon in the top right corner of the header.

Detect Dark/Light Mode Manually

Dark Mode Toggle

This toggle will remember and always activate depending on your dark mode preferences.

Activate Dark Mode

Show content based on Color Mode

You can show content based on the weather your page is set in light o dark mode! For example, let's take an image!

img img
Dark/Light Mode Succesfully Changed